Mississippi World Trade Center

Jackson, MS

200 South Lamar St.
Suite #1000
Jackson, MS 39201
Phone: (601) 353-0909
Fax: (601) 353-0974

The Mississippi World Trade Center is a non-profit membership organization dedicated to assisting Mississippi businesses with all aspects of international trade. Providing a central source of business information, the MSWTC helps to find and capitalize on trading opportunities around the globe. Participation and interaction with Mississippi World Trade Center members, partners and advisors can provide individuals and companies with valuable business connections, briefings, trade leads, appointments, visits and discounts on services.

WTC Mississippi offers a comprehensive menu of services and tools to facilitate efficiency in doing business abroad. Services include educational seminars, conferences, workshops and briefings on opportunities and how to do business with other countries, assistance with international business plan development, customized market research, consulting and matchmaking, trade leads, and partner referrals.

A variety of business networking events are offered throughout the year that provide access to visiting ambassadors, consuls, government officials and trade specialists who present current information on all aspects of global trade. WTC Mississippi partners with public and private entities and other world trade centers to promote business development and to offer international arts and cultural activities that enhance understanding and appreciation of other cultures. Student internships are also available.


  • To promote international trade, investment and tourism.
  • To develop, coordinate, implement and/or promote all international events, activities, programs and services in the state.
  • To unify State efforts in the global marketplace.
  • To serve as an effective, efficient resource to respond to the private and public sector, residents and visitors on international opportunities and requests.

Strategic Objectives

MSWTC’s program initiative will be to focus on enhancing international trade, investment, tourism, arts and cultural awareness in Mississippi and the mid-South region.

Strategic objectives designed to bolster these initiatives include:

  • Support and encourage trade and investment opportunities throughout the state and region.
  • Partner with state and federal agencies and other WTCs to promote Mississippi worldwide.
  • Continue to support development of an integrated, multi-modal transportation system that encourages, promotes and enhances passenger and cargo services to and from Mississippi.
  • Support and encourage unified regional tourism efforts that increase the number of international visitors to Mississippi.
  • Support establishment and expansion of consulates, trade offices, bi-national chambers of commerce and cultural organizations.
  • Encourage the representation of international government in Mississippi to facilitate business opportunities.
  • Encourage location of industry associations and other related organizations.
  • Support and promote educational systems that enhance and broaden the internationalization of the state and region.
  • Encourage informational exchange between organizations that promote business, trade and investment opportunities worldwide.
  • Encourage art and cultural activities that enhance the internationalization of the state and region.
  • Encourage sporting events that promote the exchange of athletes and athletic programs between Mississippi and other parts of the world.


Key Industries

 Exports 2012


Petroleum And Coal Products






Transportation Equipment